Jen Thomson :: UX Designer


Bizvento is a mobile platform for conferences which helps event organisers manage all of their events from one place and improves attendee engagement and sponsor ROI.


Bizvento approached me to help them improve the usability of their app after a successful alpha stage trial. The app allows attendees to access conference and event information and to customise their own schedules from complex multi-stream agendas; it also increases attendee engageement through messaging facilities and improves sponsor ROI. They had a basic prototype which they had trialled already and gained feedback which they wished to implement. They also wanted a fresh set of eyes to review the user journey and a polished user interface for their product launch.

Heuristic Review and User Testing

I started the project by immersing myself in the product and attempting to try all parts of the functionality to familiarise myself with the app and to find the areas where the user journey could be improved.

I sourced some test users and set them tasks to see whether they confirmed my pain points which they did and reported back to Bizvento with an updated user flow document and an improvement plan based upon all of the feedback.


To test the improvements put forward we created prototypes in inVision of the key areas of the site and provided links to a user test group remotely which allowed them to comment on specific areas of functionality. We used the feedback to iterate on the user journey and screen layouts until we were happy to move forward to the visual design.


The design for the app is clean and professional and simplifies complicated features like multi-day conferences and agenda streams with the use of colour coding.

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