Jen Thomson :: UX Designer


Bongomagic was an SAAS referral system for recruitment and retail businesses which utilised social media and 'word-of-mouth' marketing reach passive jobseekers and customers.


I worked with Bongomagic for 2 years on a part time and remote basis with their local customer support team and developers based in Scotland and Eastern Europe.

I was initially hired to redesign their referrer pages, to make them responsive and update the design – this soon turned into a longer engagement of a complete usability review and redesign of the administration tool.

The Bongomagic tool was so confusing that almost all of their clients were account managed, meaning that no users actually used the system themselves and their adverts and campaigns were all added by Bongomagic account managers along with their database of contacts and reporting. This meant a lot of resource being used at HQ.

Our task was to update the system to be user friendly enough to have new clients up and running with the help of a few tutorials and to migrate all existing manage customers to the new system

Referrer pages

The referrer pages for Bongomagic were dated, confusing and were not responsive to screen size. We undertook a redesign of these to give them a nicer interface which was optimised for usability, bright and worked as well on all screen sizes.

User groups

We set up a working group of users that we could consult on their pain points, review new features and gain valuable feedback

These users were made up of customers and the internal customer support team who were the people who knew the old system inside out.


The first stage in the project was to revise the user journey and simplify the interface. We created wireframes for each section and a new structure which included a clear menu on every page.

We created a journey through the campaign creation progress where the user could easily see where they were in the process, what they had done already and what they still had to complete. This allowed the user to jump between sections rather than clicking back several times or hopping back to the start

Once we had delivered the initial update we worked in an agile manner to develop the functionality with the user group, iterating in a design > test > implement process.

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