Jen Thomson :: UX Designer

Global Rugby Network

Global Rugby Network is a professional and social network for rugby players of all levels. It is a user friendly platform to support local rugby communities globally, giving them the tools to grow their quality of communication and reach.


Global Rugby Network was launched in early 2016 but the team found that although interest was high, users signed up but didn't fill in their profiles and didn't return to the site to interact with the content. I was hired to look into this problem, to revise the user journey and to design a user friendly, mobile-first interface.

What I did

I undertook an extensive heuristic review of the app; understanding how a user would navigate around, noting places where you would expect interactions that were absent. Coupled with some simple user testing we were able to quickly identify areas for improvement within the user journey and also opportunities to create more interaction points for the users which would create a more engaging experience and encourage return visitors.

Using the feedback from the user testing and the heuristic review, I revised the user journey and key wireframes which we turned into simple prototypes to test that the changes we were implementing made sense.

I created a strong visual design which complements the new branding and works well across mobile and desktop.