Jen Thomson :: UX Designer

Open Data Pathway

Open Data Pathway is an online assessment tool for open data practitioners in the civil service which allows them to assess their organisation's progress with open data.


I was approached by the ODI to help them create a beta stage service which allows open data practitioners in the civil service to assess and track their organisation's compliance with Open Data through a series of questionnaires.

The team at the ODI had scoped out all of the functionality and required a designer / front-end developer to work with their team of developers and stakeholders to produce a beta app.


Working closely with the stakeholders I translated the complex requirements documentation into a series of wireframes and an InVision prototype which we used for remote testing with key stakeholders from the ODI and DEFRA.

We iterated on the wireframes with the feedback gained from the stakeholders until all parties were happy with the results.

Front-end development

As the ODI have a strict style-guide in place for their web services we were able to move straight from wireframes into html and in no time we had a working system which we were able to get real users testing.

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